Located in the Hotel Ermitage, LE TIGRR found its summer lair.

Intimate den, secret room in subdued light to better stay hidden, the restaurant is revealed in dark comfort to warm, gilded bursts of light reflected by the brass lamps.


Yet again, it pays tribute to the nobility of the nocturnal animal. Immortalized in a huge portrait, where he poses between sand and bamboo, dignified and majestic. This tiger painting was custom-made in Vietnam in the tradition of Asian paintings, with the fur embroidered by hand. His image presides over the Royal table of the place, an exotic diversion under the palm fronds, surrounded by vintage bamboo chairs. Other friendly tables are arranged around him to better share and celebrate his arrival. Because it’s all about this ornate cave, this private bar, coming to life, where the DJ plays at night. The spot will be hot, with a mini dance floor that appears with the scene.

Finally, at the back of the room, in order to warm up for the night’s festivities and to take advantage of the view on the oustide, the tables are higher and the bench seating looks like a gallery, nestled in a library.

Obviously, like in Megeve, the signature is everywhere—the embroidered TIGRR seal decorates table linens, cushions, and other accessories. A graphic signature, as an ideogram designed by Philippe Di Meo, reemphasizes the identity of the place.

Jungle with a view

The beast kept its wild and savage nature and decided to mark its territory outside, by reserving you/ setting up tables overlooking the Tropezian savannah. Dense vegetation, bamboo, oaks, and hundreds-year-old pines open onto a panoramic view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez that will make even the most jaded ones roar.

Sunny Menu

From the kitchen perspective, the menu plays Asian chords dear to LE TIGRR: Sushi, Dim Sum and spring rolls, enhanced with some interpretation of local specialities, such as the Thaï bouillabaisse (calamary, sea bream and shrimps poached in a coconut and citronella broth), or the gilthead seabream wrapped in banana leaves. Tuna skewers are shaken up with a pinch of red curry, while the seabass reveals itself Thaï style.


Asian restaurant – Cocktails bar
14 avenue Paul Signac
From Wednesday April 24th to Saturday Octobre 26th, 2024
7/7 from 6:00 p.m to 2:00 a.m
Booking : saint-tropez@le-tigrr.com
@tigrrsttropez / @le.tigrr

Asian gastronomy – Catering service
From Wednesday April 24th to Saturday Octobre 26th, 2024
7/7 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Information / order : +33 (0)4 94 810 810