LE TIGRR is a friendly concept wich can be private and festive a the same time, with a coaxing feline theme. The menu offers the best standards of Thai and Asian cuisine with as a beautifully interpreted Chinese fondue as signature dish.
Both a bar and a restaurant, LE TIGRR promises a spicy excursion, a gourmet getaway, and the beginning to some wild nights…you won’t escape the claws of LE TIGRR.


What better than a majestic animal from Indochina, the king of the Asian animals,as the emblem for this stunning new venue. A symbol that is powerful, explosive, exotic… a beast, king of the jungle… the tiger… better yet, LE TIGRR.
The third sign of the Chinese zodiac becomes the centrepiece of our graphic identity, designed as a branded ideogram that blends all the power and elegance of the beast himself with details and decors from the venue.
From the embroidered tablecloths to the beautiful trompe l’oeil effect wall coverings found in the yellow lounge, from the cushions to the “magic” chopsticks, LE TIGRR is the visual signature of this bar-restaurant. Black is the dominant tone here, reflecting the fact that the venue truly comes to life when darkness falls, interspersed with a warming and illuminating shade of yellow.
Like a trophy, the beast can be seen in all its splendour, lying languidly and dignified behind the seats of the main tables in each one of its dens.



Multiple concepts under one roof. As soon as you enter “the lair”, there is a cosy ambience and intimate feel created by the imaginative use of space.
Unique yet varied, the space adapts to desires, moods, the time of night…
The different spaces that make up LE TIGRR serve to reinforce the cozy atmosphere and intimate character of this exotic yet elegant place.
Each can choose his or her own nook, space for a little tête à tête, private lounge, table d’hôte, or lively bar seating. To accompany an aperitif or for anytime snacking at the bar, LE TIGRR offers a selection of specialties (Dim Sum, sushi, nems…) to enjoy all by yourself or to share with friends.
Whether it be for an early aperitif, a family dinner, a meal with friends, or after-dinner drinks, LE TIGRR is the place to be, at every destination where LE TIGRR rests its paws.



The famous designer Philippe Di Meo conceived LE TIGRR’s visual identity, logo, emblem, its claw. He therefore designed this stylized tan creature’s head, a kind of hexagonal ideogram.
“We needed an iconic object that would become the venue’s signature, an object of desire. Fate made us settle on the chopsticks, symbols of Asian cuisine and culture. So signature chopsticks were created, bearing the Tiger head logo at the ends. Like a seal, the tiger logo became a stamp, leaving its hexagonal mark on paper and other media. It is also found on the environment, the furnishings, walls and mirrors. More than a logo, it is a contemporary ideogram that represents a name, an idea, that of a unique place in Megève, a team spirit, a refined culture. ” Ph Di Méo.