The Restaurant LE TIGRR MEGEVE

For its first location, Le TIGrr was conceived in December 2013 in the Alps right in the heart of the Megeve village, taking the place of de l’INDOCHINE AUX CAVES DE MEGEVE, a former club that operated for some years as a chic restaurant.

Le TIGRR INDOCHINE, perfectly located in the very heart of Megève in the main village square, invites guests to experience a restaurant concept that’s both family-oriented and festive, built around traditional and healthy Asian cuisine… a little touch of the exotic in an extraordinary mountain setting.
From 7pm, after having enjoyed all that the Haut-Savoie village has to offer, Le TIGRR INDOCHINE is the ideal place for a cozy family meal, an intimate supper for two or an evening with friends.
From 10pm on, the atmosphere at Le TIGRR INDOCHINE heats up as party-goers and night owls arrive to round off the evening in style, with a musical program expertly orchestrated by Dan Adrien.
Le TIGRR resident DJ plays a custom-made varied selection exclusively designed for every evening and clientele, taking inspiration from 70s funk, house and disco classics and French artists.
When it comes to the decor, Jérôme Foucaud and Philippe Di Méo were keen to put the emphasis on intimacy and warmth, creating a distinctive dual color aesthetic with dominant black interspersed with orange and yellow tones.
All this work on the venue’s identity and atmosphere can be seen both in the choice of textiles for the velvet upholstery and abundance of cushions, and also in the creation of customed bright wall lamps in the restaurant’s signature hexagon shape.
The layout of Le TIGRR INDOCHINE’s restaurant features as its centerpiece “La Table du TIGRR“, surrounded by a dozen classic tables. “La Table du TIGRR“, a table d’hôte or a party table depending on the hour and desires, takes its name from the life-size tiger that over looks it.
Despite the changes made to the venue, the locals should feel very much at home, as the famous “TIGRR squad” remains the same as at the INDOCHINE restaurant previously run by Michel Vaillant.

Lemongrass beef salad… Shrimp salad with green papaya… King crab spring rolls…Chicken soup with coconut milk… Tom Yum soup… Nems… Sushi… Sashimi… Makis… Dim Sum…Lemongrass chicken… Glazed spare ribs… Thai fillet of beef… Chinese fondue…Tiger prawns in sweet and sour sauce… Gilt-head bream in banana leaves… Tuna tartare…

The Indochinese specialties are home-made in kitchen by Nay and Chunna , and the sushi are prepared in house by chef Se, known as “Pierre”.
In the dining area, Nam will be your host, now be accompanied by Stéphane-Jacques, known as “Minou” an expert at creating the perfect ambience who has been working alongside Jérôme Foucaud for the past 10 years.