Sushi Sashimi Maki California rolls

Sushi tuna, salmon
Sashimi tuna, salmon
Maki tuna, salmon, avocado or cucumber
California Rolls tuna, salmon, avocado
Vegetarian maki & california rolls

Egg Rolls

Vegetable egg rolls
Shrimp egg rolls

Spring Rolls

Vegetable spring rolls
Shrimp spring rolls
King crabe spring roll

Dim Sum

Ha Kao – shrimp ravioli
Siu Mai – porc ravioli
Steamed vegetable rolls
Spinach & chicken rolls

Salads & Soups

Cambodian beef saladminced grilled beef filet, fresh mint, lemongrass, carrot, bean sprout, nuoc-mâm sauce
Green papaya & shrimp salad
Tuna tartar with sesame sauce
Chicken & coconut milk soup
Tom Yum soup


Grilled chicken with lemongrass
Green curry chicken
Spare ribs
Beef filet Thaï style
Beef brochettes flavoured with satay


Thaï Style bouillabaisse
calamari, sea bream, shrimps poached in a coconut milk and lemongrass broth
Sauteed shrimps with sweet & sour sauce
Tuna brochettes with red curry
Gilthead sea bream cooked in banana leave
Sea bass Thaï style

Side dishes

Steamed white rice flavoured with jasmin
Cantonese style rice
Laos rice with shrimps steamed in lotus leaf
Sauteed noodles with curry
Steamed vegetables with sesame oil
(Carrot, broccoli, bamboo shoots, black mushrooms)


Fresh Pineapple
Coconut milk & Mango soup
Chocolate spring rolls
Fresh mango
Ice cream & sorbets
Soft chocolate pie